• Angela G. (Wilson County Schools) wrote:

    Not so painful! : ) Just uploaded all of my files and attached them to my collections - smooth and easy. Happy to see that I can download an attachment to see how it would look, and really felt like the process went without a hitch. Thanks so much!

  • Arnold (Memphis City Schools) wrote:

    Gladis was very user friendly once all the kinks were worked out. The upload progress was easy to understand once it was explained to me and the various file formats that are supported made gathering evidence flexible.

  • James (Memphis City Schools) wrote:

    Those who are used to user friendly software will find GLADiS easy to negotiate. Frankly speaking, it is much more straightforward than any of the portfolio building directions given prior to its launch. By the time I had to use it, Gladis was both reliable and flexible, and allowed me to refine my evidence collection easily, even during times of "high traffic".

  • Mari (Memphis City Schools) wrote:

    I used GLADiS to submit an art teaching portfolio. My images uploaded easily and I was given generous storage on the server. Using the program was very intuitive. Considering this was the first time I have used Gladis, I was pleased that it was easy to work with. I think it was a good choice for our system's needs.

  • Mark (Memphis City Schools) wrote:

    I think this is a good way to not only measure student growth, but it could also be a tool to see examples of good teaching as it pertains to the arts.

  • Christopher (Memphis City Schools) wrote:

    Gladis is functional and serves its purpose well for the most part. The limitation of files being uploaded is a slight pain. Initially, it seems as if the 500 MB is too little but you soon realize once it is loaded into Gladis the size of the files is reduced thus leaving more space then initially thought. As I said it works. It could use some tweaking but it served its purpose well enough to get the job done.