Welcome to The GLADIS Project

The GLADIS Project was established to provide online automation for school districts seeking to incorporate portfolio-based assessment in the arts. The original domains developed for the application were: Perform, Create, Connect, and Respond. Following initial testing, it was determined that multiple non-tested subject areas could utilize this same framework. As such, the scope of GLADIS has been expanded to allow school districts to define multiple subject areas each with its own set of evaluation domains.

Contact Information

  • Contact: contact @ thegladisproject.com
  • Support: support @ thegladisproject.com
  • Sales: sales @ thegladisproject.com


"Those who are used to user friendly software will find GLADiS easy to negotiate. Frankly speaking, it is much more straightforward than any of the portfolio building directions given prior to its launch. By the time I had to use it, Gladis was both reliable and flexible, and allowed me to refine my evidence collection easily, even during times of high traffic".
- James (Memphis City Schools)

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