The GLADiS Project


The GLADiS Project was established to address the challenges facing educators today as they seek to continually improve the quality of classroom instruction. Built on a framework that emphasizes peer-to-peer collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing, The GLADiS Project develops and promotes technology solutions that stimulate innovation and recognize outstanding teacher performance. The primary areas of emphasis within The GLADiS Project are:

  • Portfolio Based Assessment
  • Teacher-to-Teacher Collaboration
  • Student Performance Exemplar Collection

Portfolio Based Assessment

Building on the concepts developed by a community of arts educators in Tennessee and partner sites across the country, The GLADiS Project Online provides a flexible web-based interface for collection, construction and review of teacher Portfolios. Portfolio Based Assessment seeks to capture a meaningful picture of the value added to students by teachers using the work that is already taking place in the classroom.


GLADiS allows each member district to define its own Subject Areas based on its own Portfolio model including the definition of multiple Domains within each Subject Area to be measured during evaluation..

Using the GLADiS web application, teachers collect purposeful samples of student performance throughout the year in the form of documents and rich media files such as video, audio and images. When all files have been uploaded, GLADiS provides teachers with a simple user interface to assemble these artifacts into Collections within their respective Portfolios based on the Domain or Domains for which they want the specific evidence to be evaluated.

During final submission of the Portfolio, each teacher will complete a self-assessment of the work based on criteria defined in his or her district's scoring guide. When scoring of all Collections is complete, GLADiS will randomly assign qualified reviewers to perform an assessment of the demonstrated student growth for use as a component of overall teacher evaluation. This virtual classroom observation capability affords districts and state officials a new, innovative way to monitor student progress.

Teacher-to-Teacher Collaboration

As an online community, GLADiS provides a mechanism for feedback on student growth from trained, professional teachers. The newest version of GLADiS incorporates a scoring guide checklist for each domain assessed along with long-form, narrative feedback on the evidence submitted. This enhanced feedback supplies teachers with insights on opportunities to enhance portfolio content and overall classroom performance.

Student Performance Exemplar Collection

During each review, the reviewer has the ability to tag submitted evidence as an exemplary collection. This additional feedback provides member districts with a repository of examples of outstanding growth for use in training new teachers and in providing guidance to experienced teachers in future portfolio development efforts.