Frequently asked Questions

  • Why are my videos upside down, sideways?

    First and foremost GLADiS does not change video or image orientation. The issue is with the way you capture videos or images with smartphones. Smartphones has auto rotate feature built in so no matter how you take the picture it will always be displayed correctly because it can read the bit recognizer set in the picture. GLADiS has no access to this bit recognizer. With Iphone or any other smart phone take the pictures with home button to your right. Any other way you capture the video may not be displayed correctly.

  • Can I continue working while my file is being uploaded?

    As it stands now, you cannot do anything else while your file is uploading. We are working towards separating out the file upload functionality so that we do not stop users from managing their portfolio while their file is uploading.

  • Can I include YouTube videos as evidence collection in GLADiS ?

    GLADiS do have a feature for adding youtube video link as an evidence. It is not turned on because of the policy followed by individual districts.

  • Why do I keep getting http 500 error when I try to login?

    There can be multiple reasons for this to happen. First of all you have to use the supported Operating systems and Browsers. GLADiS has been tested successfully on Operating systems Windows XP and above and OS X Leopard and up. Any Mozilla Firefox 16.x and above and Internet explorer 7.x and above has been tested successfully as well. Chrome and Opera are not supported by GLADiS. If you think you are using the correct version of Operating System and Browser, reason might be that you are using wrong URL.
    URL for gladis is:

  • I teach at multiple schools, what should I do?

    If you teach at multiple achools and you are trying to request a portfolio with multiple schools, it is not possible in GLADiS. You will have to select your primary school for the portfolio purpose and give details about the other in your summary section.